Baby Sunscreen Reviews – What Kind of Sunscreen Is Best for Your Kids


Long and cold winters mean lots of spontaneous vacations at hot and sunny locations. While escaping from the cold is sure to boost your mood, it can also spell disaster for your baby’s sensitive skin. Children have more sensitive skin than adults so many sunscreens that you use on your own skin may not be the best idea for baby.

When looking for sunscreens for your baby feel free to skip the products stroller for special kids that are marketed especially for kids and infants (many of them are the same thing as the adult sunscreens) and look for chemical free products made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These don’t get absorbed into the skin; instead they sit on top of baby’s skin protecting from the outside. Since these sunscreens aren’t absorbed into the skin, not only can you rub on and go straight into the sun, but they are less likely to cause rashes. Below we have a few great picks for baby’s sun filled vacation.

Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen for Face and Body РThis sunscreen is made with zinc oxide, has no odor, and when used correctly leaves no lasting mess. Only a small amount is needed so a small bottle will go a long way. When rubbed in thoroughly, this sunscreen leaves no white streaks behind.

California Baby No Fragrance Everyday/Year – Round SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick – Really long name, but really quick product to apply. This stick sunblock is made with titanium dioxide which scatters and reflects harmful rays. No white residue and non-staining formula.

Armada Baby– Made especially for babies and adults with sensitive skin, Armada baby uses titanium dioxide keeping the sunscreen on the surface of your skin. Armada Baby also includes coconut-derived Monolaurin for antibacterial disinfection.

Thinkbaby 30+ Sunscreen– Thinkbaby’s main ingredient is zinc oxide and has the added benefit of being very water resistant. It’s also patent free of endocrine disrupters (basically substances that can interfere with normal cell metabolism & reproduction).

Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm– A water free and non-sticky balm utilizing zinc oxide to protect baby’s skin. Several other natural ingredients such as olive oil and shea butter are added to keep skin soft and counteract aging.

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