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Selecting Industrial Painting Contractor

Selecting Industrial Painting Contractor

Industrial painting covers a variety of different commercial painting jobs that includes painting government buildings, schools, malls, hospitals and warehouses among others. Unlike residential painting projects, commercial painting projects are huge and need a different perspective to work with.

To start with industrial painting requires cleaning of the building by power washing it completely to get the dust and grime off the exterior walls, using abrasives. If there is an older layer of paint on the walls, water pressure jets are used to remove it. Then the windows and doors are taped over to ensure that none of the spray paint gets into the interior of the rooms. The next step is the application of primer that forms a base to ensure smooth application of the exterior paint.

It takes a few days for the primer to dry off completely and only then final layer of painting can begin. For painting the exterior of the buildings, there are different types and grades of paints that are used. Most of the painting done on industrial and commercial Industrial Paint projects are completed with pressure feed sprayer and it can be time-consuming, if it is a large structure. To control the overspray, an electro-static charge is applied to dry the layers of paint quickly. Only after the paint dries that the tapes are removed from the windows and doors.

When the painters are doing the interiors of large commercial projects, they ensure that there is proper ventilation in the rooms while nothing in the room is left that can cause a spark as paints are inflammable. There is fire and safety procedures that need to maintain while working on commercial projects and proper licenses need to be applied for before the project can start.

Role of an industrial painting contractor

Oftentimes it is better to use industrial painting contractors as these jobs are different from normal painting jobs and require expert workmen that have experience working on massive scale projects. But depending upon the specific painting project that needs to be completed, the contractor determines the equipment and crew that will be needed. Basically, there are different tools and equipment used to paint an apartment building and shopping mall or a restaurant. The interior painting is completed in the traditional method with primer and paint using a spray machine or roller.

If you are looking for an industrial painting contractor, there are many painting companies within the city whom you can interview. It is important to see the quality of work that they have completed on past projects. Check the number of years that they have been in business, equipment that they possess and their reputation before you hire them.

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