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SEO Guarantees – Why You Shouldn’t Accept Anything Less

SEO Guarantees – Why You Shouldn’t Accept Anything Less

There are two camps in the SEO world when it comes to an SEO guarantee. On one hand, one camp believes that no guarantees or promises can be given, whilst on the other hand, the other camp believes guarantees and SEO results can be promised.

In this short essay I wil รับทำ seo ราคาถูก l look at the arguments on both sides, however I will be clear from the that start I am a strong believer that SEO guarantee are possible but only with highly competent SEO specialists or companies.

Camp One – No Promises And No Guarantees

Unfortunately the majority of SEO companies today fall in this camp. This includes top SEO firms that deliver services to various multi-international companies.

These SEO companies do have one valid point concerning guarantees. That is, it is not possible to guarantee a particular position in the search engine rankings. So promises to be the number #1 in Google is not reliably achievable. (Although, I have to admit, I did promise one client do this once and paid dearly for my stupidity because it took me six months of very hard work).

Normally the above camp gives the following excuses for not giving any kind of guarantee.

  • Nobody knows the search engines’ algorithms. Even if they did, the algorithm is being tweaked daily.
  • Acquiring backlinks (a key ranking factor) relies on third-party websites that are can never be controlled. Therefore, results can never be controlled.
  • Competing websites are in a constant state of flux, so any gains can be neutralized by greater gains by these sites.

I would refute all the above arguments with the knowledge that a master SEO knows how to ride the sea of change. That include changes with the algorithm, competing websites and invariabilities of backlinks acquisition. Moreover he or she has confidence in their past performances, their sound principles and their effective strategies to produce consistent results.

Camp two – SEO Guarantees and Promises Are Possible and Valid

I would guess only 5% of SEO companies give any sort of guarantee. These exceptional companies pride themselves on getting results for their customers. Because of their successes, they are confident that they can repeat their successes in the future.

Unfortunately, after a closer examination the guarantees some of them show an insidious side, like guaranteeing to deliver results after one year or stating that all clients can have an unlimited number of keywords.

Delivering results after a year of even six months is just too long for most companies, especially online where change occurs at a blistering speed. Three months should be the norm, and is achievable with most keywords even if they are highly competitive.

Lastly, stating that you can have an unlimited number of keywords is just like a supermarket putting up a sign stating, “Come in, and we you can buy an unlimited amount of goods”. Each goods you buy is going to cost you something, in the same way, each keyword( Is they carry some value) is going incur work and associate costs.

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