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Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Kids 2011 – Know What They Are, Get the Best Reviews

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Kids 2011 – Know What They Are, Get the Best Reviews

It’s quickly approaching that time of year again. Time to start thinking about which gifts are at the top of your kids’ wishlist for Christmas 2011.
Below you will find the top ten Christmas gifts for kids in 2011.
Before I get to that, and before you sit down and write out your list, let me advise you to take a couple important things into consideration first.
Deciding which toys to buy should not only depend on which rick gromes jackets ones your kids ask for, but also on the quality of the toys on their list. It would be very wise to get detailed reviews from a reliable source before you begin shopping this year.
These type of sources can be found online.
Now, here are the top ten Christmas gifts for kids in 2011 along with a brief description of each:

    1. The Justin Bieber Doll/Style Collection – Popular not only because he serenades at the push of a button, but also because he is clad in the exact outfits he wore in his videos. Three dolls are apart of the collection, each singing a different one of his hit songs.


    1. Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck – He is the third and newest member of the Matchbox Big Rig line. He completely interacts with little boys by talking, singing, telling jokes, eating, exercising, dancing, and more.


    1. Monopoly Here and Now Limited Edition – America’s classic trading game has been modernized with new twists and symbols to keep one of your family’s favorite pass times fresh, new and FUN! All of the traditional tokens and properties have been updated making it easy for this generation of kids to totally into the game.


    1. Cars 2 Finn McMissile – Cars 2, the movie was a big hit this summer and Finn McMissile is a popular pick this Christmas. He comes fully loaded as a secret spy attack, but he is truly no ordinary spy car. He has all of the latest high-tech gadgets and he is always ready for action.


    1. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon- a HUGE, detailed replica of the famous vehicle from the Star Wars films and the ultimate Star Wars toy. It’s almost 3 ft long and holds up to 18 Star Wars action figures. It comes with its pilot, Han Solo AND Chewbacca. Be sure to get the full review on the Millennium Falcon, it really is an amazing toy.


  1. Baby Annabell – Baby Annabell is an 18in life-like baby doll. She does almost everything a real baby would do including giggling and moving her mouth when she sucks on her pacifier and bottle. She even turns her head when she hears her little Mommy’s voice.

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